コミッティメンバー募集 Recruiting committee members

Tokyo Reunion 2019 の開催に伴い、運営委員会(以下、コミッティ)を立ち上げ、アラムナイの皆様ともに素晴らしいイベントを作り上げたいと思っております。


I would like to set up the organizing committee to make the Tokyo Reunion a success!
If you are kindly willing to become a member of the committee, please apply using the link below by August 31st,2018.

<The role of the committee and the main duties of the members are as follows>
> Participation in committee meetings (Minimum once a month: Face-to-face meetings and/or conference calls.)
> Providing advice on strategies for the event
> Preparing and conducting the event

I am looking forward to working together!