Thunderbird ”Global Initiative” at Hiroshima Univ. アリゾナ州立大学サンダーバード広島大学グローバル校

<アリゾナ州立大学サンダーバードグローバル経営大学院 広島大学グローバル校/
Thunderbird School of Global Management, Global Initiative at Hiroshima Univ.>



<プログラム概要 Program Overview>
プログラム日本語版: PDF

Program English: PDF

<出願申請フォーム Application form>
出願申込フォーム PDF
Please send an application form

<締め切りAppicaion Deadline>
2021年5月下旬  by the end of May 2021

<入試プロセス概要 Application Timeline>
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  • Start Date 開校予定:2021年8月
  • Program プログラム:4年間学士課程 
    グローバルマネジメント学 および 
    4 years Bachelor Degree Program
    Bachelor of Global Management (BGM) or Bachelor of Science in Intl Trade (BSIT)
    * 授業は全て英語で行われます。All four years of academic instruction in the Global Initiative is provided in English.

  • Degree 学位:学士号(アリゾナ州立大学より授与)Bachelor Degree (by Arizona State University)
  • Location 場所:広島大学内 Hiroshima Univ.<Contact>
    Thunderbird Global Initiative office
    Phone: 03- 6634-9500
We are pleased to announce the launching of our “Thunderbird Global Initiative ” in collaboration with Hiroshima University in August 2021.
Such an inter-university agreement between a Japanese national university and an American state university is highly rare in the history of higher education in Japan, with expectations set forth and support received from the American embassy and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Currently, we are preparing for an application to become a foreign University in Japan.

Additional updates regarding  Thunderbird Global Initiative will continue to be posted on this site.