Thunderbird Alumni Events



Shinnen Kai -First Friday: on Jan 11th (Fri)
DATE: Friday, Jan 11th, 2019
TIME: 19:00~21:00
* Further details will be announced later.


December<Next First Friday>

Christmas Party -December First Friday with ASU-First Friday: on Dec 7th (Fri)
DATE: Friday, Dec 7th, 2018

TIME: 19:00~21:00
VENUE: BeBu  ANDAZ TOKYO ビブ アンダーズ東京
*レストランの一部を貸し切りにしております。We have a private dining space for our party.

ADDRESS: 東京都港区虎ノ門1-23-4
1-23-4, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo <Phone: 03-68301-1234>

COST:7,000円(お食事+ドリンク フリーフロー)
7,000 yen per person including dinner and all you can drink
CLOSING DATE: Dec 1st, 2018

ご参加いただける方は、下記 のリンクよりお申し込みください。
Those who are able to participate, please access the link below.

November <Upcoming event>

Thanksgiving Dinner: on Nov 22nd (Thu) 
Date: Thursday, November 22nd, 2018
Time: 17:30-19:00
Venue: The New Sanno

Thanksgiving Buffet

Cost: Adults: $29.95
Children: $14.95 (6-12)

First Friday: on Nov 2nd (Fri)
日付: 2018年11月2日(金)
時間: 19:00~21:00
場所: GinKhao California Thai ギン カーオ カフェ カリフォルニア タイ


● Welcome to Tokyo!
Ms. Ellen Touchstone from China
Mr. Ralf Renken from Germany
Ms. Shelley Flenniken from Chicago
Mr. Knut Eriksen and Ms.Annette Eriksen from Huston, TX
Mr. Rush Baker from N.Y.
Ms. Kyoko Kent from L.A
Ms. Hitomi Smith from Sillon Vally
Mr. Igor Korganov from Thunderbird Moscow Office

● Special Thanks to
Ms. Chiaki Ono and Ms. Yasuko Sato for their big support at the event on Oct 1st
Mr. Rush Baker for arranging a courtesy visit to meet US Ambassador Hagerty

< Thunderbird x Academy Hills Special Seminar >
Title: Global Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
第四次産業革命(インダストリー4.0)時代に必要なグローバル リーダーシップとは?

Date:  Monday, Oct 1st, 2018
Time: 19:00~20:30 (受付開始 18:30)
Venue: 六本木アカデミーヒルズ オーディトリアム
〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木6-10-1 六本木ヒルズ 49階
Roppongi Hills 49F Roppongi Hills 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


< Welcome Dinner with Dean Dr. Sanjeev Khagram>
Date:  Monday, Oct 1st, 2018
Time: 20:30~22:00
Venue: オービカ モッツァレラバー 六本木ヒルズ店


● Welcome to Tokyo!
Ms. Kristin Weikel from Huston, TX

“Thunderbird × ASU” First Friday
We are going to have “Thunderbird and Arizona State University” jointed First Friday!

Date: Friday, September 7th, 2018
Time: 19:00-21:00
Venue: ラ エスキーナ LA ESQUINA, Ebisu

● Special Thanks to
Mr. Michael Grimm for a wonderful dinner in Phoenix with Japanese students

QS World MBA Tour- 東京MBAフェア

<Thank you very much for your help with our table! >
Mr. Daisuke Tajima
Mr. Takahiro Sato
Mr. Hiroki Saeki

2018年8月30日(木)に東京で開催されるMBAフェア【 QS World MBA Tour】 に参加致します。
Thunderbirdは、当日のセミナー トップバッター(16:30~ ) です。

Thunderbird will participate in the MBA fair “QS World MBA Tour- Tokyo” on August 30th, 2018.
The event runs from 16:00 ~ 21:30 and Thunderbird will be a first presenter for this event (16:30~)!

< QS World MBA Tour, Tokyo >

Date: 2018年8月30日(木) Thursday, 30th August 2018
Time: 16:00 – 21:30
Venue: ウェスティンホテル東京 Westin Tokyo
参加費無料 Admission free

“Hawaiian” First Friday
First Friday : on August 3rd @ on August 3rd @ ALOHA Table, Akasaka

● Welcome back to Tokyo!
Mr. Koji Goto from Dallas, Texas

First Friday : on July 6th @ ROPPONGI HOBGOBLIN

● Welcome to Tokyo!
Mr. Dan Usher from Atlanta, GA
Mr. Grant McKeehan from Arizona
Ms. Tomi Fujimura from San Jose, CA
Mr. Shinya Ishihara and his family from N.Y.
Ms. Julie Goodman (Thunderbird Engagement Council Member/President of the Dallas Chapter) from Dallas, Texas

● Special Thanks to
Mr. Takahiro Sato for helping with our Facebook Page.


“Tokyo Office Opening” First Friday : on June 1st @ RIGOLETTO BAR AND GRILL (Roppongi)

We had approx 30 Alumni and friends and family.
We are really glad that we could celebrate Tokyo Office Opening together!

 ● Special Thanks to
Mr. Junichiro Arimatsu for the gift
Mr. Ted Fujita for beautiful flowers

● Welcome to Tokyo!
Ms. Stephanie Willard Worrell (18’) from Arizona

< Thunderbird European Reunion Stockholm 2018: June 28-July 1 >
2018年6月28日から7月1日にかけて、ストックホルムにてEuropean Reunionが開催されました。約250名のアラムナイが25か国から集まり、大変素晴らしいイベントになりました!

*セレモニーの動画は、こちら: Click here for the movie

*イベントのレポートは、こちら: Click here for the digest


First Friday : on March 6th @ ROPPONGI HOBGOBLIN

● Welcome home!
Mr. Hiromi Yoshida from New York.

● Special Thanks to
Mr. Parker Andrus (18’) to bring many school goods from the U.S. for Tokyo office!


“Spring” First Friday : on April 6th @ KNOCK CUCINA BUONA ITALIANA Tokyo Midtown

● Welcome to Tokyo!
Mr. Mark Oliver and his family

< Donor Appreciation Evening > on April 12th @ Balcony Restaurant & Bar

2017年度にThunderbird Japan Fundにご寄付をいただいた方々をご招待して、お食事会を開催させて頂きました。

当日は総勢23名の方にご参加いただき、アリゾナよりChief Engagement OfficerのPatrick McDermott氏も来日して、東京オフィスの今後の活用内容や、現地の最新情報を直接お伝えすることができました。大変賑やかな会になりました。

We invited those who donated last year the Donor Appreciation Evening last week on Thursday, April 12th.

On the day, a total of 23 people attended, Mr. Patrick McDermott, Chief Engagement Office from Arizona also attended, and we were able to inform about the use of Tokyo office and the latest information on the site directly.

● Welcome to Tokyo!
Mr. Andy Ogawa from Silicon Valley chapter


First Friday : on March 2nd @ ROPPONGI HOBGOBLIN

アラムナイの皆さんに加え、春休み中の在校生がアリゾナ グレンデールから、さらに2名の入学予定者の方にもご参加頂き、とても良い会になりました。

March Tokyo First Friday was filled with guests with Alumni, current students from Arizona and two applicants!

● Welcome to Tokyo!
Mr. Abhishek Choudhary
Mr. Ted Leopold
Mr. Tyler Stringham

● Special Thanks to
Mr. Hayato Hamada to bring wonderful students to Japan from Arizona!


First Friday : on Feb 2nd @ ROPPONGI HOBGOBLIN

● Welcome to Tokyo!
Mr. Jimmy Masrin (Congratulations on completing the Tokyo marathon!)
Mr. Charlie LaFond (Congratulations on completing the Tokyo marathon!)


First Friday : on Jan 12th @ ROPPONGI HOBGOBLIN